Get Psyched! Book Get Psyched! The 7 Steps To A More Psyched Life

Get Psyched! The Book

Get Psyched! is a 122-page self-help book that will immediately solve all of your problems... instantly! Written by Dr. Lanny Latham, a just barely former crystal meth addict and certified life coach. In fact, he's certified through a program that he created (and is sole graduate of). Get Psyched!

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Quotes (yes, these are real)

"Before I read GET PSYCHED I was a NOBODY! Now I am a SOMEBODY! EVERYBODY needs to GET PSYCHED or DIE TRYING!" - Amy Poehler, SNL, UCB

"How psyched am I after reading Dr. Lanny's book? PSUPER PSYCHED!" - Ed Helms, The Office, The Hangover

"Once I actually read it I am certain I will actually like it. I feel like page 29 will change literature as we know it." - Kenny Mayne, ESPN

"Changing the world, one exclamation point at a time." - Jon Glaser, creator of Delocated on Adult Swim.

"Dr. Lanny Lathan is a stone cold pimp. Not in the sense that he doles out prostitutes and has no emotions. But in the sense that he is a STONE COLD PIMP!"
- Bobby Moynihan, Saturday Night Live

"I do not think Dr. Latham knows it, but this book is hilarious."
- DC Pierson, Derrick Comedy